About NFU Mutual

Supporting people, families and businesses for over 100 years

A warm welcome to NFU Mutual

NFU Mutual is a leading provider of general insurance and financial services. From our strong farming roots we’ve grown to become a UK-wide organisation, turning over £1billion annually. Yet success hasn’t gone to our heads. We’re proud to remain completely customer focused, down-to-earth and committed to the rural communities we’ve grown from.

Our ethos - of trust, respect and personal service - lies at the heart of all we do and has seen us build an enviable reputation for exceptional member loyalty. Though we’ve been in the business over 100 years, we have big ambitions for the future. And that’s why we’re looking for talented people to join our growing network. Talented people like you.


About NFU Mutual

Founded in 1910 by seven Warwickshire farmers, NFU Mutual has grown to become the UK’s leading rural insurer with assets under management of £13.5 billion at the end of 2012. Today, thanks to our Agents and their staff, we’ve become part of the fabric of rural life which means that we know what’s important to our members and we continue to provide them with the cover they need, at a fair price and with a first-class personal service. And we're proud to say that this local personal service is reflected in the fact that over 90% of our customers renew with us each year, through their local agency office.

But what’s behind our continued success? The simple answer is people and building long lasting relationships. Whether it's customers or colleagues, we’re all about relationships. The personal touch is what makes us special and everyone within our Agency Network that makes dealing with NFU Mutual so different.


Rural and proud

Since our launch we’ve grown from strength to strength, providing specialist cover, Financial Services products and risk management services to rural communities. All at a fair price, with first-class personal service. A century on, our network spans the UK and includes over 300 offices, plus a comprehensive support network.

We’ve strengthened and deepened our connections with farming unions as time has passed - this vital connection remains key to our business model and ongoing success. What’s more, we’re a mutual, passing benefits on to our members instead of shareholders. As any farmer will tell you, as times change, you must diversify to succeed. And NFU Mutual is doing just that.


Sustainable growth

Escaping to the country. The good life. Going back to nature. However you term it, people have been moving to the countryside for decades. Whether it’s to raise a family, enjoy the fresh air or to grow a business. We’ve already helped lots of people in the pursuit of this lifestyle, building up a substantial amount of commercial and domestic members.

There are over 1.25 million business and around 3.8 million households who would still benefit from our unique approach - not to mention our technical expertise, competitive rates and, most importantly, our local dedication.

Our mutuality

We’re very proud of our mutual status, it means that we have no shareholders and are wholly owned by our policyholders. This allows us to be flexible in our approach and ensures that every solution we provide is tailored to our members’ needs. Because we’re owned by our members, we're not driven by shareholder payouts. Instead, we're committed to growing as an organisation and - above all else - delivering excellent service.

Our members are rewarded for their loyalty through our Mutual Bonus scheme on our General Insurance products. What’s more, our agency model means we can invest more in our network, focussing on delivering first-class customer service.


Our Agency Network

NFU Mutual believes that to serve people, you need to understand them. And understanding our members means getting close to them. That's why we've built our network of Agencies at the heart of the communities we support. Our Agencies mean we can provide face-to-face service and build the deep and meaningful relationships that sees over 90% of policyholders renew year after year. This is what makes us unique ... you'll end up knowing many of your members as you might friends, gaining a genuine insight into their lives and how you can best support them.

As an Agent, you'll be the one who builds these relationships - working with a support team and your partner Agents - identifying and recommending the best products and policies for local members. It's exceptional, personal customer service that we think differentiates us from our competitors. You and your dedicated support team will get to know your members' children's names and when they're going on holiday. And you'll be part of a modern, efficient business and network that's structured for success.

Our farming union affiliations

NFU Mutual - Agent Careers - NFU Logo.png

National Farmers Union

The National Farmers' Union of England and Wales is the largest farming organisation in the UK with around 50,000 members.

NFU Mutual - Agent Careers - NFU Cymru Logo.png

NFU Cymru

NFU Cymru has nearly 15,000 members, and represents the majority of farmers in Wales.

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NFU Scotland

NFU Scotland was formed in 1913 and is Scotland's leading agricultural organisation, representing over 9,000 members.

NFU Mutual - Agent Careers - UFU logo.png

Ulster Farmers Union

The UFU with 11,000 members is the largest Farming Union in Ireland.