Understanding customers means getting close to them


Introducing the East region

I’m pleased to welcome you to the East region. As a new Agent you’ll be joining an agency that is already a key part of the NFU Mutual Agency Network. It’s a region that is full of potential, and the business growth opportunities open to you and your Partner Agent(s) are significant.

After all, our reputation’s been built on developing long-standing and effective relationships, with both customers and agencies. Our experienced team is here to help you as you develop your agency’s full potential, because ultimately our success as a region is based on the success of your business.


The East region

Our region has a fantastic mixture of experienced and newer agents who work together to ensure every agency provides the high-class customer service we’re known for. You’ll also benefit from the partnership between our Agency Network and NFU Mutual, which will help you overcome any challenges by providing the expertise you need to support new and existing customers.

As many areas in this stunning part of the country feature strongly in our target market strategy, with our ambitious regional team behind you, you’ll have the scope to build a successful agency that retains existing clients and attracts sustainable, profitable new business.

Mike Alder, Regional Manager


The East region

The East region covers the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. It’s a major agricultural region and the Agency Network works closely with local NFU representatives to support a variety of customers.

As well as large-scale arable farms, there are major pig, poultry and horticultural interests, as well as a large food processing sector and a busy local tourism industry. The London commuter belt and M11 corridor also offer plenty of potential high net worth customers. The regional team will help you shape your business plan to make the most of these opportunities.

The East region in numbers


Agent offices





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Meet some of the Agents


Neil Kenyon, Senior Agent and Group Secretary (Suffolk Coastal)

I had a rural upbringing and have always had a strong interest in country life. So when I saw the chance to become an NFU Mutual Agent, the rural link jumped out – and 25 years later, I still love the job. I enjoy being able to take my own decisions and be entrepreneurial within the NFU Mutual framework.

And I love building relationships with clients, seeing their businesses and families grow and going on the journey with them. As part of the NFU Agent liaison group, I also get a chance to put a lot back into the national business. This gives Agents a voice and it’s great to be part of conversations that influence changes and initiatives.


Sarah Powell, Managing Partner Agent (Holland South)

I joined an NFU Mutual agency in 2005 and worked in customer support, sales and office management. Then, when two agency partners retired, I was approached about becoming the Managing Partner. This really suited me, because I knew that my strengths were in business management as opposed to sales and this allowed me to focus on the day-to-day running of the business.

It’s a partnership that really works. We have five agency partners, which means we can all play to our individual strengths. I really enjoy the freedom to voice my opinions, test ideas and plan for the future. You’re learning as you go, but the size of the partnership means there’s always someone to support you. And NFU Mutual offer training to help agents and their teams build their technical and business skills.


James Buckland, Wider Market Agent (Ely)

After graduating from Uni, I started looking at City jobs. But joining NFU Mutual’s Trainee Agent Programme meant I could stay in Cambridge, with a good work-life balance and still benefit from being close to London. The programme gave me product knowledge and practical experience in different agencies. I learned the role alongside established Agents and learned valuable skills like money and time management, which are great life skills, too.

When I joined my agency partnership at the end of the programme, it took about a year for me to settle in, get to know things and put my stamp on it. But my partners and NFU Mutual support me and it’s all worth it when you see your business – and your income – growing.

Current agency opportunities

Here are just some of the opportunities that we currently have in the East region. Simply, click on the title to find out more.

You can see all the opportunities we have available by clicking the ‘See all opportunities’ button. But don’t forget, if you can’t find your perfect opportunity right now, you can 'Register for alerts'. That way, we’ll get in touch when a relevant opportunity does come up.

We're always pleased to hear from people ready to move into a self-employed Agent role. If you have any questions about becoming an Agent and Partner in the NFU Mutual Agency Network please email

We also welcome speculative applications for Agent roles, but recommend that you read our ‘The Agent opportunity’ information before submitting your ‘Speculative Agent application’.