Tom Murray

I didn’t want to go to university, so I joined the Trainee Agent Scheme


Meet Tom Murray

I left sixth form in 2011 and I recognised that I didn’t want to go to university, so I joined NFU Mutual’s first Trainee Agent Scheme. I didn’t know what career I wanted at the time, but the scheme offered me real experience, good training and an attractive wage, which appealed to me.

We had placements in different agencies on the scheme, which gave me a taste of what being an Agent would be. When I completed the scheme, I became an Agent in Skipton and spent five years there running my own business in partnership, before joining the Selby agency as a Senior Agent.


Introducing my agency

Yorkshire Central
I work with two Partner Agents and 15 staff in Selby, covering an area from Doncaster in the south to Tadcaster in the north. We look after around 3,500 customers, with £7.25million Gross Net Written Premiums.

It’s quite a traditional farming-based business with a lot of renewals. Right now, I’m developing our growth strategy to attract more new business. It’s a big piece of work, but I enjoy the challenge of driving change for the better.

My career life story

I’ve worked with NFU Mutual since I left sixth form, first as an employee and then as a self-employed Agent. They’ve always given me opportunities to develop my skills, from the Trainee Agent Scheme to facilitating access to business consultancy and development resources.


Senior Partner Agent
Agent of NFU Mutual, Selby

Transforming the business, working with two other Partners and leading a busy team in Yorkshire.


Partner Agent
Agent of NFU Mutual, Skipton

Driving business growth, developing customer relationships and ensuring we deliver great service.


Trainee Agent
NFU Mutual, multiple agencies

On the Trainee Agent Scheme, I was employed by NFU Mutual, and worked at different agencies to develop my skills and experience as part of the programme.


Sales Executive
NFU Mutual, Hexham

Working with the Agents to service clients and sell policies.

A little Q&A

Being an Agent of NFU Mutual can be challenging and varied, but ultimately extremely rewarding. As a self-employed Agent, I’m responsible for leading, developing and growing my business. Here, I’ve tried to answer some of the questions you might have if you’re thinking of becoming an Agent with NFU Mutual.

What skills or behaviours do you think make a good Agent?

Being self-employed brings a unique set of challenges but a great opportunity. The drive and enthusiasm to push your business forward is key – even in difficult times. So, on top of that energy, you must also have a large amount of resilience and drive to get you through the harder days.

What is it about running your agency that you enjoy?

There’s nothing like the autonomy of being self-employed, with the freedom to run your own business. But I also have lots of support from NFU Mutual. For example, we work together on initiatives to help grow and develop my agency business. As my main customer focus is on larger commercial clients, I enjoy the opportunity of privileged access into people’s businesses, understanding what makes them tick and how they grow.

How does it differ to being employed?

I think because there’s a lot less corporate bureaucracy, you can address problems, come up with solutions and make changes a lot quicker when it’s your own business than if you’re working for someone else. It’s a great blend of running your own business and being in control, while also having the support and backing of a large organisation like NFU Mutual.

What does success as an Agent mean to you?

I get a lot of satisfaction from being the master of my own destiny. My income and life balance are all down to what I put in. The environment created in the network is a true meritocracy and the potential is huge, so if you work hard, you’ll soon see the results of your efforts and enjoy the rewards.

Describe being an Agent in three words.

Exciting. Rewarding. Engaging.