How you'll be supported

the reassurance of being backed by a well-respected brand

The knowledge you’ll need to succeed

While we want you to run the agency as your own business, you’ll have the reassurance of being backed by NFU Mutual, which has a clear intent to grow all aspects of its business within a defined target customer base. We want to give you all the support you need to make a success of your business. That’s why we offer a wide range of opportunities for you to develop your knowledge, skills and expertise.

Support when you need it

Be set up for success. Your agency. Your business.
Gain access to the NFU Mutual support services you need to build a sustainable, profitable business.

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Join a community of Agents and experts

You become part of the NFU Mutual Agency Network.


Bespoke professional and personal development

Develop your knowledge, skills and expertise.


Access to NFU Mutual support services

Including Product, Marketing, IT, Business, Claims and Underwriting, and Sales support.


NFU Mutual Financial Adviser

Financial planning advice for your customers, covering a range of personal and business insurance solutions.


NFU Mutual Risk Management Services

Guidance and advice on health and safety to your customers.


New Agent induction training

As a new Agent you’ll be given access to a range of online materials to enhance your knowledge and support your continuing professional development. You’ll also be invited to a two-day Business Simulation course, where you will get the opportunity to interact with other new Agents, senior management and subject matter experts from across the business. It is an excellent opportunity to build a network group with your fellow new Agents and to share ideas, concerns or issues with each other.


Agency Leadership Framework

Our Agency Leadership Framework is a collection of bespoke training programmes, run by a panel of independent business coaches, who work closely with NFU Mutual to understand the needs of the Agency Network.

These courses offer valuable insights to those Agents looking to develop their business. NFU Mutual encourages you to investigate the full range of courses on offer, and to take advantage of all the learning opportunities.


Learning Support

NFU Mutual prides itself on providing an excellent customer experience. As part of this you’ll be provided with training to help enable you to meet our customers’ expectations. Most items are available remotely, giving you easy access and flexibility.

New Agents with previous industry experience often comment on the comprehensive nature of the learning provided regarding our proposition. There’s also access to a wide range of online learning including reading, e-learning, podcasts and videos to support your continuing professional development.

The right support around you

Along with the support you’ll receive from your partner Agent(s), you can rely on a network of NFU Mutual experts to support your agency as it grows. They’ll be on hand to work with you, to understand the plans that you have for your business and to understand the support that may be helpful to you as you develop your business and make it successful. You’ll also be able to draw on the support of a network of Agents who understand the role and are always available to offer advice.

Regional Managers

NFU Mutual Regional Managers are responsible for all NFU Mutual field staff and the strategy across the region. It’s their overall responsibility to oversee the relationship between NFU Mutual and each agency and to monitor the regulatory performance and compliance of each agency. They also ensure that each agency maximises the sales opportunities available to them while working within the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulatory framework.

Sales Development Managers

Our Sales Development Managers are the key interface between our Agency Network and NFU Mutual’s various departments and support functions. They work closely with a panel of agencies, gaining a solid understanding of the business and providing guidance and support as the Agents shape, develop and implement their strategic business plans.

Agency Managers

Focusing on the future is a key skill for our centrally based Agency Managers. Splitting their time between NFU Mutual Head Office and the Regions, they are responsible for developing the Agency Network itself.

Financial Planning Managers

Financial Planning Managers lead, manage and develop the regional Financial Services sales team of Financial Advisers. They design and deliver regional plans to achieve targets and support the national strategy for developing financial services and maintaining standards of customer care and compliance.

Governance and Controls Managers

Our Governance and Controls Managers focus on monitoring and overseeing the regulatory compliance of agencies across the region that they work with, ensuring Agents operate within the regulatory framework provided.

Quality Development Consultants

NFU Mutual provide a Training and Competence Scheme to provide a robust, but practical, training and competence framework to underpin the key regulatory activities undertaken with customers. Quality Development Consultants form an important part of the Training and Competence Supervisory structure. In addition to Training and Competence Supervision activity with Agents, Quality Development Consultants are on hand to provide Agents with support and guidance on the scheme and how it operates in practice.

Financial Advisers

Financial Advisers are there to help you develop the Financial Services business opportunities in your area – a critical part of NFU Mutual’s sales strategy. Financial Advisers advise on and sell NFU Mutual’s range of investment, savings and protection products and work closely with agencies to maximise the opportunities for both existing and new customers.

Locum Agency Manager

If an agency unexpectedly needs additional support, the professional services of an NFU Mutual Locum Agency Manager can be provided to your business for a fee. It’s their role to ensure customers continue to receive high calibre, personalised service and to support Agents as they continue to drive their business forward. They’re experienced and can hit the ground running and maintain strong customer relationships, whatever agency they provide their services too.

Regional Service Centres

We recommend that every agency builds a close relationship with Claims and Underwriting specialists in NFU Mutual Regional Service Centres as you’ll be in contact on a regular basis. Underwriters assess risks, decide whether to accept an insurance application, and what the terms, conditions and cost of the insurance policy should be. NFU Mutual Claims Handlers will deal with larger claims of customers that exceed the claims delegated authority of agencies that your in-house Claims Administrator escalates.