Your potential income

Your earnings are only limited by your potential to grow the agency

Your income

All Agents of NFU Mutual are self-employed. This means your earnings are only limited by your potential to grow the agency. As you’ll be self-employed, we cannot guarantee your income. However, as you’ll inherit an established book of business, with a renewal rate typically in excess of 95%, you’ll generate income from day one. As the agency grows, so will the income available to you and your partners.

Our recruitment team will be happy to discuss the specific On Target Earnings relating to agencies where we have vacancies. Please contact us at or on 01789 202777 (option 4).


General Insurance products

As an Agent of NFU Mutual, your main focus will be providing an advice-rich, General Insurance proposition to a variety of local customers. You’ll have a diverse portfolio of products to recommend from. And as we’re rural insurance specialists you can be confident that you’ll find the right fit for your community.

We’ll pay your agency partnership a commission based on the General Insurance policies you sell, as well as premiums from policies that are sold or renewed. It’s up to you to work with your partners to build a modern, customer-focused business that’s structured for success.

Financial Services products

At the same time, you’ll have the support of NFU Mutual professional Financial Advisers and NFU Mutual Risk Management Services to help you grow your business. They’ll work with your customers to offer high level life pension, protection and investment planning services and valuable guidance on health and safety to complement your General Insurance products and generate new leads.

Commission and support

Commission is paid to the agency on a monthly basis. You’ll be responsible for paying your staff and covering the other costs associated with running the agency. Your commission will be generated across a range of income streams including General Insurance, Financial Services, National Intermediary Services and Risk Management Services. Every commissioned agency across the network is different. We set commission rates taking into account the individual circumstances of each agency.

Additional rewards

As well as your commission, we celebrate success and achievement through a number of initiatives. One of which is our annual 1910 Club competition. This is a year-long competition running from January to December and is open to all agencies. The competition has been designed to showcase those Agents and partnerships that deliver outstanding results.

It rewards exceptional leadership and sales performance across all core business streams (General Insurance, Financial Services and Risk Management Services). If you hit all the targets and meet the criteria, you and your business partner(s) will qualify for the 1910 Club. The 1910 Club has taken Agents to worldwide destinations and it includes unique events to ensure the trip is memorable.