Potential income

Your earnings are only limited by your potential to grow the agency

On Target Earnings

As you would be self-employed, we cannot guarantee your income. The starting On Target Earnings advertised indicates the level that NFU Mutual would reasonably expect you to earn in the first year, based on the current renewal income of the agency. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll earn less than this in your first year, though it is not a guarantee. After this, your income will be as great as your ambition.

As NFU Mutual has a very loyal customer base, on average each local office retains over 90% of the business it sells, this enables you to make decisions about the business with more confidence. You will reap the benefits of a commission-based role and you can boost your income substantially by introducing customers to new products and services, such as life cover and risk management.

Our recruitment team will be happy to discuss the specific On Target Earnings relating to agencies where we have vacancies. Please contact us at or on 01789 202777 (option 4).


Commission and support

Commission is paid monthly as a gross figure. From this, you’re responsible for paying all business expenses - salaries, office rent, expenses, tax etc. What’s left is yours to keep.

Commission is dependent on the size of your agency and takes projected business costs into account. Finally, you’ll benefit from the knowledge and experience of a support network of specialist staff who’ll be there to guide you in your day-to-day work.

Additional rewards

As well as your commission, we celebrate success and achievement through a number of initiatives. One of which is our annual 1910 Club competition. This is a year-long competition running from January to December and is open to all Agents.

The competition has been designed to showcase Agents who deliver outstanding results. It rewards exceptional leadership and sales performance across all core business streams (General, Life and Risk Management Services). If you hit all the targets and meet the criteria, you and your business partner(s) will qualify for the 1910 Club. The 1910 Club has taken Agents to worldwide destinations and it includes unique events to ensure the trip is memorable.


Things to consider

As a self-employed Agent, your freedom and earning potential increases substantially. However, there are new responsibilities you’ll need to consider carefully:


You’re likely to need to appoint your own accountant to ensure you’re compliant.

Managing cashflow

Though we may be able to provide support as you start out, you’re responsible for your agency’s cashflow.


When you’re self-employed, you’re responsible for your own expenses, for instance buying/leasing and running a vehicle, and office costs such as business rates, heating and lighting.

Employing and managing staff

Including the practicalities like paying wages, PAYE and HR matters, can seem daunting, but remember that we can point you in the right direction.

Keeping compliant

Like all Financial Services providers, NFU Mutual is regulated, so you’ll become an Appointed Representative, which means that you’ll be responsible for compliance. Find out more what this means by visiting the FCA website or downloading our Appointed Representative guide.