The Agent opportunity

the autonomy to run and grow your own business, in your own way

What do we mean by Agent?

Agents build, lead and grow successful local businesses, typically in a partnership with one or more other Agents. They’re not franchisees but Tied Agents. This means they’re not employed by NFU Mutual but have an agency agreement – a commercial contract – with us to sell our insurance products.

As an Agent, you’ll have a high performing team that could be anything from four to 30-strong. Focusing on growing your business by selling the full range of NFU Mutual products, you’ll provide an advice-rich proposition to a variety of local customers, from farmers and businesses to homeowners and high net worth individuals. And if, in addition to being an Agent of NFU Mutual, you are also a Farming Union Representative, you’ll also support local members by campaigning for change on their behalf.

Your background

Our Agents come from a range of backgrounds. But generally, we’ve found that our more successful Agents have come from backgrounds already associated with farming, agriculture, financial sales or insurance. Here are a few examples of the previous experience some of our current Agents have had.

NFU Mutual Careers-Land Agents-black.png

Land Agents

NFU Mutual Careers-Financial Advisers-black.png

Financial Advisers

NFU Mutual Careers-Branch Managers-black.png

Branch Managers

NFU Mutual Careers-Agricultural Sales-black.png

Agricultural Sales

NFU Mutual Careers-Business Managers-black.png

Business Owners and Managers

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Equine Sales

NFU Mutual Careers-Farm Management-black.png

Farm and Estate Managers

NFU Mutual Careers-BrokersDealers-black.png

Brokers and Dealers

NFU Mutual Careers-Management Consultants-black.png

Management Consultants

NFU Mutual Careers-Estate Agents-black.png

Recruitment and Estate Agents


Being self-employed

You won’t be a franchisee, but a Tied Agent. This means you won’t be employed by NFU Mutual but will have an agency agreement – a commercial contract – with NFU Mutual to sell our insurance products. It’s up to you to work with your partners to build a modern, customer-focused business that’s structured for success. With typical renewal rates in excess of 95%, it gives you the opportunity to generate a healthy profit margin, with attractive drawing potential for you and any business partners.

We’ll pay your agency a monthly commission based on your sales of General Insurance policies, Financial Services, National Intermediary Services and Risk Management Services. And because each agency in our network is different, we’ll set your commission rates based on your agency’s individual circumstances.

Running your own business

You’ll be leading and growing your own insurance sales business, upselling and introducing a wide range of insurance and financial products to local customers. With a high performing team that could be anything from four to 30-strong, you’ll need to be an ambitious leader, with an entrepreneurial approach and the strategic ability to grow a profitable business. You’ll also be a local figurehead at the heart of a rural community, so you’ll need a passion for helping people and forging strong relationships.

Our agency support teams will work with you to understand your business strategy and the plan that you and your partners have for your business, with a view to understanding the support that may be helpful to you to achieve it. They can also provide training, advice, support and access to services for you, your team and your business. Our NFU Mutual Financial Advisers and Risk Management Services will work with customers to offer high level life pension, protection and investment planning services and valuable guidance on health and safety to complement your General Insurance products and generate new leads.


Representing the local farming union

Many Agents of NFU Mutual also carry out a separate role as a representative for the local farming union. Your farming union work will run alongside the NFU Mutual business, placing you at the heart of the local farming and business community. This will enable you to make meaningful, profitable connections with farmers, growers, and the rural community at large, with a focus on growing farming union membership alongside growing your agency.

The role of a Farming Union Representative and being an Agent are intrinsically linked. You’ll have the chance to identify and capitalise on opportunities for new business and introduce what the farming union and NFU Mutual has to offer to a wider audience. By developing these strong relationships, you’ll be representing rural people, sharing expertise, standing up for the countryside and playing a valuable part in sustaining the UK’s agricultural industry.


A unique opportunity

The freedom of running your own business

As an Agent for NFU Mutual and working with your business partner, you’ll have the autonomy to lead, structure and grow your own business, in your way – under the brand of an award-winning insurer. You’ll lead a thriving and already successful business with an existing strong client base and plenty of support available for you as part of your plans to succeed.

No two days are the same. This means you’ll set the strategic direction of your business and can enjoy the benefits of a flexible lifestyle when you need it. Essentially, the more work you put into your business, the more you’ll be able to draw out! There aren’t many places where you’ll find you have this potential or level of control.

The satisfaction of building your own business

Growing your own successful business is incredibly satisfying. You’ll have the freedom and latitude to invest in, coach, develop and motivate the talent you need to grow both your team and your business. You’ll be able to build your standing in the local community and help grow the business further.

You’ll have the scope to think commercially and develop your clear growth strategy. And, as you grow the profit margins of your business and enable it to perform even better, you and your partners will benefit from an increasingly attractive drawing potential as well as the opportunity to invest further in the business for the benefit of further growth.

An affordable business model

We won’t ask you to make an initial investment. Instead, as an Agent for NFU Mutual, you’ll come into a well-established local business with a mature and loyal customer base and enviable renewal rates above 95%.

The right support when needed

As well as taking over an already well-established business, you’ll have the ability to carry out regulated activities as an Appointed Representative of an authorised firm. We’ll support you in this, with a ready-made, proven framework and training to help you understand the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requirements.

In order to support your business and meet your customers’ needs, we’ll provide your business with access to quality IT packages and systems as well as customisable marketing and advertising tools and products.

More than a job. A way of life

As an Agent for NFU Mutual you’ll perform a hugely important role in close-knit rural and business communities. Communities that depend on your sound judgement and good advice to protect their livelihoods. But they’re not the kind of communities to conduct business at a distance. At NFU Mutual, we believe that to serve people, you need to understand them. And understanding customers means getting close to them.

So, as an Agent, you’ll build long-standing relationships – and even friendships – with customers. All with the backing of a well-established brand. And if you also have the role of representing the local farming union, that will only further strengthen that bond and elevate your standing in the local community.

The keys to your success

You’ll be leading and growing your own insurance sales business, upselling and introducing a wide range of insurance and financial products to local customers. It is a varied and often challenging opportunity. As well as this there are other areas that are going to require your attention.

Developing profitable relationships

Great customer relationships are at the heart of NFU Mutual’s success. Therefore, networking is important, not for short-term gain, but for long-term benefits. You’ll need to build strong and profitable relationships with customers, utilising the support provided by NFU Mutual both at a regional and national level.

Leading your business

Strong leadership, and specifically leading by example, is a common theme that we see in agencies, including the ability to map out future business activities into a strong plan. The talent to articulate these plans well is key, so that all employees are aware of the expectations and objectives for the success and growth of the agency business.

Growing your business

You’ll take a proactive approach to General Insurance and Financial Services new business activity, structuring your business and developing your people in the best way you see fit to maximise the opportunity of the potential in your area.

Managing your agency

You’ll have a clear vision for your agency – for its growth and financial performance, but also the day-to-day operations. You’ll be responsible for all aspects of running the agency, including team recruitment, payroll, IT and facilities. You’ll put a clearly defined structure in place too, with each team member having specific responsibilities to ensure that standards – and the targets that you have for your business – are met.

Operating as an Approved Person

NFU Mutual is directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide regulated products and services. As a commissioned Agent your agency business would be registered with the FCA as an Appointed Representative of NFU Mutual. You’ll be required to be registered with the FCA as an Approved Person.

This means you’ll be approved by the FCA to perform a controlled function and are therefore responsible for ensuring that your agency has sufficient resource, processes and controls in place to adhere to the regulatory requirements. Consequently, before your appointment can be confirmed you would need to meet the FCA Fit and Proper requirements of Integrity, Competency and Solvency.